Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adobe Screw Up Could Leave You Vulnerable (or 0wn3d)

Adobe has been delivering an out-of-date version of Reader on it's Web site, leaving users at risk to several vulnerabilities the company has already patched. Secunia discovered at least 14(!) vulns that were patched by the company in the last two months. The version is 9.1, released back in March. There was no response to a Computerworld request for comment.
It's bad enough when software vendors release buggy code that leaves your system at risk. It's even worse when they cover the fact up and sit on their hands until pressured to fix their product. But to fix the bugs, then not QA the process of updating the software on their download site is almost unbelievable, had it not just happened. I'm thinking this will be good news to vendors who offer non-Adobe alternatives Acrobat, as it should be. Irresponsible corporate behavior should lead to loss of revenue..

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