Monday, February 8, 2010

Packet Captures

If you're looking for packet captures to sharpen your analytical skills, the folks behind Wireshark have a nice site, found at

You'll find captures with all sorts of protocols (over 60) from the mundane to the esoteric (how about a capture of a line of text using STANAG 5066 (S5066))?

There are lots of sites with packet captures of malicious traffic or war games traffic, but it's also always helpful to keep increasing your knowledge of normal traffic too. As the instructors say, if you don't know what normal looks like, how will you recognize the anomaly?

Oh and if you need some sites with challenge or war games type captures, here's a couple I've come across..


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Last count it has over 390 protocols!

JeffSoh said...

Sweet! Thanks...

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