Monday, February 8, 2010

Trojaned Mozilla Plugins

If you use either Sothink Web Video Downloader 4.0 or Master Filer add-ons in Firefox for Windows, both have been found to contain Trojans. Details at the Download Blog post found here.
This raises the topic again of how you verify safety of all the gadgets and gizmo's you install? This is especially an issue with automated updates and installs via the Web browser, like these Firefox add-ons.
The vast majority of end users trust almost everything they come across and click without giving it a thought, despite all the efforts at end-user education, so how do we protect folks against themselves on the Internet.
Even if you manually download every app, checksum it, and run multiple scanners against it, we know it's still possible to get burned, so how do find a way to protect folks who are willing to click on any link they come across? Or teach them that just because the site is "good" isn't a guarantee some Bad Guys haven't compromised the site and injected malicious code via a script, or a Flash ad, or replaced a good version of a file with a piece of malware?

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