Wednesday, July 3, 2013

VMX to OVF Conversion

I got back from taking the SEC542 class at SANSFIRE and needed to install the two virtual machines to my home machine to recreate the labs I did. SANS uses VMWare Player; I prefer Virtual Box. VBox will only import machines in the OVF (Open Virtualization Format) but VMWare uses VMX. I found that VMWare has a tool, called VMWare OVF Tool, that will convert one to the other, both directions. You can download the tool at: (you'll need to create a My VMWare account, but it's free). Then just change to the \VMWare\VMWare OVF Tool\ directory and run:
"ovftool  (path_to_vmx_file) (path_to_save_ovf_file)". I put the .ovf file in the same directory as as the .vmx file. Then open up VirtualBox and go to File\Import Appliance and point it at your new .ovf file. Once it's done importing, you're ready to fire up your virtual machine. Nice. 

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