Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DerbyCon 3.0

I'll be traveling tomorrow to Louisville, Kentucky for the third DerbyCon security conference. If you're not familiar with it, Derbycon is security/hacker conference along the lines of DefCon (except smaller in scale) and has excellent presenters.

This years keynoters are H.D. Moore of Rapid7, author of Metasploit, and Ed Skoudis, Inguardians co-founder, SANS teacher and courseware author and speaker. There were over 1,700 attendees last year and over a 1,000 folks there for year one.

It's too late to get tickets (or a hotel room within 10 miles of the site) this year, but if you're interested in a low cost conference to attend, you might consider it for next year. Tickets are only $150.00 for all three days of the con, and there are two days of training prior to the conference for $1,000.00 per class.

This is mostly hacking/pentest/red team oriented but there are some blue team presentations, and being a good defender requires understanding the attacker and their tools. Well worth the relatively small cost. If you can't attend next year, all of the videos will be posted shortly after the conference on the Derbycon YouTube channel and on Iron Geek's web site (Adrian Crenshaw, Iron Geek, is the videographer for DerbyCon.)


YouTube Channel:
Iron Geek Derbycon videos:

There is also a Roku channel for DerbyCon videos as well.

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