Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Resource List

I recently put together a list of resources that a new NetSec/InfoSec associate could use to familiarize himself with some of the subject matter he'll come into contact with. It's by no means exhaustive, even of the bookmarks and articles and media that just I've saved over the years, but I think there's some useful content and thought I'd post it. I'm still in the process of fleshing it out (at which point it'd probably be overload for a new person) but I enjoy organizing study materials and absorbing as much as I can in my limited free time. Comments are welcome if you see something you think is a stinker and even more welcome would be you sharing some of your links to add to the list. Thanks in advance!
(Please remember the target here is someone new to NetSec/InfoSec. A 50 page white paper on optimizing ring buffers would be interesting to others but probably not what you want to lay on the new guy on the team.

Information Security Resources

Web sites:
Internet Storm Center -
Dark Reading Daily -
InfoSec Island -
Ethical Hacker Magazine -
PaulDotCom Tech Segments -

SecurityTube -
Derbycon(2013) -
Academy Pro -
SourceFire - Chalk Talks  -
DefCon -
BlackHat -
ShmooCon(2014) -
Microsoft (End User) -

Security Tems Glossary -
Network Security Glossary -
Mind Maps -

Talisker Security Wizadry -
Kapersky Threat Map -
Arbor Networks DDoS Map -
Mailing Lists:
Team Cyru Dragon Newsbytes(Private)  -
Full Disclosure -
SANS (all) -

Linux Library -
Learn Linux at -
Linux Documentation -

Open Security Training -
EDX Intro to Linux (starts Aug 1, $2,400.00 class for free) -

Getmon IT Security Podcasts -
ISC Podcasts (SANS Internet Storm Center) -

Vulnerability Information:
SecurityFocus -

TCPDump/Wireshark and General Packet Capturing
TCPDump command fu -
Wireshark Wiki -

Malicious Javascript:

Bruce Schneier -
Anton Chuvakin -
Marcus J. Ranum -
Lance Spitzner -
Snort -
VRT (Vulnerability Research Team of Sourcefire) -
Naked Security (Sophos) -
MalwareBytes -

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